Fantasy Basketball: Team Assessor

I’m not the smartest guy. Corey Brewer anyone? As a result, I often lose track of where I’m at in certain categories when I’m drafting. Maybe it’s all the trees I smoked or the magic mushrooms I ate in the past. Whatever the case may be, I’m a dummy and can’t remember things too well. Therefore, I made a very basic draft tool on Google Sheets which keeps track of everything and lets me know how close/far I am away from certain benchmarks. Please click HERE to read about how I ascertained said benchmarks. So, 24 weeks of data gave me an average for what it took to win each category on a weekly basis. From there, I divided that number by 3.4 (the average number of games each team plays per week) which gave me a per game target number. Then, I submitted the sheet to Rudy (who is a real life wizard by the way) and he did his magic. Rudy was able to link all the players from my projections sheet so that the data wouldn’t have to be inputted manually. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! The sheet is pretty self explanatory. The row with the colors will show you how far away you are from the target number. Keep in mind that the projections are based off my numbers. Modify them to suit your needs. Hopefully this helps you guys out during your drafts.

Fantasy Basketball: Historical Look at Rookies

Rookies. The shiny new toys. The next generation of stars. We all get pumped and excited for the next batch of players every season, but do we overrate them for fantasy? Since 2000, a rookie has never finished in the top 10 for fantasy in 9-cat leagues. Only five have finished in the top 20, nine in the top 50, and 44 in the top 100. That’s out of 556 eligible players. I’m not saying to not draft rookies, as the allure of the unknown is intoxicating, but be price conscious. Below is a sheet with all the rookies since 2000. The columns should be self explanatory, but if there are any questions, just holler in the comments.

Fantasy Basketball: 2019 Boston Celtics Preview

The Celtics have enjoyed four straight winning seasons, with the trend likely continuing this season despite losing several key pieces. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Terry Rozier, and Marcus Morris all bolted for greener pastures. These may seem like a devastating losses, but opportunities are now present for young guns Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to step up and take their games to the next level. Gordon Hayward is another year removed from his gruesome injury and should be a bounce back candidate. Oh, and the additions of Kemba Walker and Enes Kanter don’t hurt either. The Celts did some addition by subtraction, and are primed to challenge for the Eastern Conference title yet again.

Fantasy Basketball: 2019 Los Angeles Lakers Preview

A long-time mainstay on the NBA’s biggest stage, the LeBron-led Lakers failed to make the playoffs last season, although there was much excitement surrounding the team. A young core that was supposed to grow and thrive with LeBron running the show, failed to live up to expectations. Results like these don’t sit well with the King, so out with the youth and in with the veterans. The Lakers roster has seen a complete overhaul, as you can see by the above list. How this team adapts to such change is yet to be known, but one thing is for certain, LA is going to be fun to watch and be chock-full of fantasy goodness.  

Fantasy Basketball: 2019 Dallas Mavericks Preview

The Mavericks finished just above the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference last season. The future, however, is so bright that they need sunshades, as the roster now boasts two of the top young stars in the Association. ESPN has Luka Doncic listed as a SF and Kristaps Porzingis as a PF, but talk to any real basketball savant and they will tell you they both defy positional description. KP is built like a telephone pole but shoots like a shooting guard, while Doncic is built like a tight end but passes like a willow the wisp PG. Mark Cuban can’t wait to see how their skill sets merge on the court, and we can’t either. There is not enough talent around them to make the playoffs, but their development as a duo will be must-see TV.

Having given up this year’s first-rounder to move up to draft Luka, and having traded 2nd rounder Lithuanian Deividas Sirvydis to the Pistons, the Mavs have no drafted rookies in camp. But youth still abounds in developing players Justin Jackson, acquired in the Harrison Barnes trade, Delon Wright, acquired from Memphis in a sign-and-trade deal, and last year’s 2nd round rookie, Jalen Brunson.

It will definitely be a wait and see season for the Mavs. Wait and see how healthy KP is. Wait and see how all the pieces mesh. Wait and see if Rick Carlisle can meld these pieces into a reasonable team.

Will the Mavs better last year’s 33-49 record in a decidedly stronger Western conference? We will have to wait and see.

Fantasy Basketball: Top 200 for 2019

We made it! It was a journey filled with joy, elation, anxiety, frustration, and anger, but we got through it. I’ve grown facial hair, even though I’m Asian, and put on a few pounds through the process, but it was all worth it. I hope the odyssey was as exhilirating for you as it was for me. This may be….

….but the fun is just about to begin. I hope you join us all season long for the vast amount of content we plan on pumping out. Don’t worry, we are not two pump chumps!

Fantasy Basketball: Sortable Projections and Rankings are Up!

During the summer months, I try to predict the rotations and minutes allocations for each team. Then, I go to each player and figure out the per-minute production in each category. Multiply those numbers by the minutes played projection and…POOF! Per-game value of each player. That’s only half the battle, though. The man of Razzball Hockey, Viz, lends a second pair of eyes and we go over everything together to note and address any discrepancies and anamolies. Finally, the sheet is sent to the Wizard of Razzball, Rudy, who packages all the data and produces the aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly sortable table that you have all become accustomed to at Razzball.