Fantasy Basketball: 2019 Boston Celtics Preview

The Celtics have enjoyed four straight winning seasons, with the trend likely continuing this season despite losing several key pieces. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Terry Rozier, and Marcus Morris all bolted for greener pastures. These may seem like a devastating losses, but opportunities are now present for young guns Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to step up and take their games to the next level. Gordon Hayward is another year removed from his gruesome injury and should be a bounce back candidate. Oh, and the additions of Kemba Walker and Enes Kanter don’t hurt either. The Celts did some addition by subtraction, and are primed to challenge for the Eastern Conference title yet again.

Enes Kanter’s talks Knicks and James Dolan

Former Knicks big man Enes Kanter said on Sunday that players he talks to around the league are simply scared of owner James Dolan, and don’t want to take a chance playing for his team:

“Not many people know that, but players talk. From different teams, they talk,” Kanter said on Bleacher Report’s The Full 48 podcast. “I’m not blaming anybody. I had an amazing time with the Knicks. But other teammates that I talked to or if they’re on different teams, they always said, ‘Amazing city, MSG is amazing everything is so good, but the ownership.’ They would just keep saying, ‘But the ownership.’ … Some of the players I guess are just scared to come here and don’t even want to deal with that.

On the other hand, Enes Kanter spent a good portion of the past two seasons with the New York Knicks but became a villain on Monday night.  

In an appearance prior to WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Kanter did enter the ring in a blue jumpsuit that resembled the Knicks colors. But then, in true heel fashion, he unzipped his jacket and revealed that he was wearing his new No. 11 Boston Celtics jersey.  He was greeted with a rousing amount of boos throughout.

Enes had a segment with 24/7 champion R-Truth. The NBA big man hit the WWE superstar with a clubbing right hand and pinned R-Truth to become the new 24/7 champ. While Kanter was hoisting the championship in his new colors, R-Truth rolled Kanter up and received a three-count to win his championship back.

Fantasy Basketball: Top 150 for 2019

We halfway home. Woo hoo! Take me home, country roads. To the Old Town Road? You want to hear how washed I am? I didn’t know about that song until the young 20-something-girl who takes care of a kid at my son’s school told me about it. Please, blog, may I have some more?

Fantasy Basketball: My $200 Draft Recap

Like most of you fantasy nuts, I am starved for basketball this time of year and can’t wait to get started. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started a league. I wanted it to be realistic and meaningful, so I set the buy-in at $200. Thankfully, I was able to gather 11 knowledgeable players and we drafted last week. Most of these guys are sharp, so there weren’t many bargains. Here is a recap of how it went down.

Fantasy Basketball: Top 155 Roto Projections Review for 2018

What’s up fellow Razzball readers and fantasy basketball enthusiasts! After recharging our batteries over the summer, it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming NBA season. These can range from checking the names of the players from this year’s draft and/or casually checking all the offseason transactions, which can escalate to frantically searching for recorded games of Limoges to scouting the strengths and weaknesses of Sekou Doumbouya’s fantasy game. It’s all about how each and everyone enjoys the fantasy basketball game.

Now, I have to admit I can relate more to the latter example and, as such, I am preparing my top 155 projections for roto leagues, which will be published in the upcoming weeks and mark my third straight year on this fine site.

Last year, I decided to grade my projections from the year before, in an attempt to judge myself and try and make them more accurate in the future. Go me, for hating myself I guess, but it’s a fun little project before I dive into the actual projections every summer. If you are curious and ready for some math, check last year’s article for a full explanation on the method used. If you prefer the “too long, didn’t read” approach, know that the main metric is the difference between the projected and the actual overall per game value for each player.

Kemba Walker: ‘It’s Cool to Wear Antoine Walker’s Number’

The Celtics formally introduced All-Star point guard Kemba Walker to the local press Wednesday, and he revealed that former C’s forward Antoine Walker gave him “the blessing” to rock his old #8 jersey.

“There’s no numbers available,” Walker cracked.

President of basketball ops Danny Ainge said he “had a pretty good idea in March or April” that Kyrie Irving would bolt as an unrestricted free agent.

Kemba is excited to improve Boston’s team chemistry—which was toxic last season—and join forces with rising star Jayson Tatum.


Naturally, one All-Star point guard replacing another is going to draw comparisons. That is especially true here, given how tumultuous Irving’s final season in Boston turned out to be. Walker, though, said he didn’t reach out to Irving before making his decision on whether to play for the Celtics. And, when it comes to the comparisons, Walker said he will have no problem dealing with them.

“It’s fine,” he told ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan in a sit-down interview Wednesday. “It’s OK. I guess it’s going to come with the territory. It wasn’t a great year for those guys [last year]. There’s always such expectations with this organization, and things didn’t go well, so now that I’m coming in and I’m taking [Kyrie’s] place, I know I’m going to be asked questions about him and things like that.

“It just didn’t work out. It happens. It happens so much in this league. We know how great of a player Kyrie is, but it just didn’t work out. Hopefully I can come in and it works out. That’s my plan. But you can’t tell the future. You never know what’s going to happen. But through hard work, dedication and us working together, hopefully we can get things back on track.”

The fact he already has relationships with Tatum and [Jaylen] Brown — Tatum recently signed with Jordan Brand, which Walker is part of, and the two spent time in Paris together, and he went on a trip to Africa with Brown in the past — should help. And when asked directly about it, Walker said he was confident he’d be able to help them grow into the players Boston hopes they can be.

“I think so,” Walker said. “I think so. I think my skills complement these guys. I love to get in the lane and I’m gonna have a lot of attention. That’ll definitely open up opportunities for other guys, but for the most part, I think I made my teammates better in other ways, just being a good teammate, wanting the best for those guys and pushing them as much as possible. It’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

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