Lamar Odom Accuses Mark Cuban of Kicking Him During a Game

Lamar Odom alleges that Mavs team owner Mark Cuban kicked him in the shin during a game (and was verbally abusive) in a newly-released autobiography.

Odom—who mainly came off the bench during a disastrous 2011-12 stint in Dallas, averaging career-lows of 6.6 points and 4.2 rebounds in 50 games—writes that veteran teammate Vince Carter held him back from violent retaliation.

Cuban didn’t deny the incident when questioned by a reporter, saying only that he wishes Odom well.

Per The Dallas Morning News:

“During one homestand, I was having possibly the worst game of the season. Head coach Rick Carlisle subbed me out, and I looked for a seat near the coaches, but none were available. So I went down to the only open seat at the end of the bench. Right next to Cuban.

“Cuban extended his right foot and kicked my shin. … I was stunned. This wasn’t a tap. I felt it. That was the last straw. It was painfully clear he did not respect me as a man. I felt the adrenaline rush through my body. In an instant I was transported back to Linden Boulevard, where the slightest act of disrespect could be fatal. As I sprang up, Vince Carter, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my arm tightly and leaned in.

“… What if Vince, who I had the closest connection to on that team, hadn’t been sitting there? What if he had been paying attention to the game and hadn’t seen the incident? I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Vince Carter saved me from catching a charge and ending my career in disgrace.”

After months of saying how hopeful the organization was that Odom would turn around his season, Cuban’s frustration level hit the breaking point April 7 in Memphis. Cuban went into the visitor’s locker room at halftime and asked Odom, who had played four pitiful first-quarter minutes, a simple question: Was Odom all in or was Odom out?

“I didn’t take kindly to it,” Odom said in his book. “Once again, he didn’t treat me like a man. That’s not how you handle something in front of the entire team. Man, it was heated. I had fantasies about decking him, but that wasn’t the way out. I never played another game for the Mavs.”

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Mark Cuban Fined $50K for Leaking Info from Board of Governors Meeting

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fined $50,000 by the NBA after he admitted to leaking info from last week’s Board of Governors meeting.

The fine was not publickly announced.

Cuban said he appreciated “the irony” of his fine getting leaked to reporters.

Per Mark Cuban:

“I appreciate the irony of your reporting on a fine that someone should, but won’t, get fined for leaking to you,” Cuban told ESPN.

Sources said Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive expressed concern that information about the vote to allow coaches’ challenges was being reported while the meeting was still in session. Cuban immediately admitted that he had leaked the information, sources said.

Cuban was fined because it is a violation of league rules to talk to outsiders about Board of Governors business.

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Dirk Nowitzki: ‘This is My Last Home Game’

Dirk Nowitzki announced his NBA retirement during an emotional ceremony Tuesday night.

Nowitzki, 40, in a parting gift for Dallas Mavericks fans, scored 30 points in his final home game, a 120-109 win against the Phoenix Suns.

The future Hall of Famer says it “doesn’t make any sense any more” to keep hooping after 21 seasons.

Per The AP:

“As you guys might expect, this is my last home game,” Nowitzki said, doing a better job of fighting his emotions than he did at the end of a timeout in the second quarter, after a tribute video showing his holiday visit to a children’s hospital a little more than two years ago.

“This is obviously super, super emotional. Just too many people to really thank. I put you guys on a helluva ride with a lot of ups and downs, and you guys always stuck with me and supported me, so I appreciate it.”

Nowitzki never shared his retirement plans because he didn’t want a farewell tour, but he also said he only began serious deliberations on retirement when his lower body gave him issues late in the season.

“It’s been a long time coming, struggling this year with my foot,” Nowitzki said. “It just doesn’t make any sense any more physically. I think mentally I could still do it. I can always push myself to work out and work hard. But physically, the foot is just not quite there.”

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