I’m back!

It’s been awhile since I left. My life is gettin better day by day, piece by piece, It’s not easy but I’m not giving up. I decided to come back for the the NBA Finals because I really missed this pace, this blog and you guys!
I will not be here everyday but I promise to post when I will be able to do it!
Thanks for understand, thanks for your words, I recevied so many messages and I really can’t thank you enough for your love and support! You’re the best followers (and more) in the world!

Memphis, Dallas and Magic want MPJ

I dont see how we can possibly get Porter Jr.

Go have a look at the subreddits for those teams.

“Our Savior” – Memphis

“Franchise Player” – Dallas

“Porter > Young” – Magic

This is gonna be intense, i dont think we can get him.

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MPJ is NOT doing a physical at the Draft Combine


So that obviously means his agent will be getting his medical information out to specific teams.

What are your thoughts on this? Would this lower his draft stock since teams would be taking a big gamble?

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Trade Nexts Years first ?

Hypothetically speaking if the bulls front office are in love with a certain player. And a opportunity presents itself to move up. I personally can see them trading next years pick. No chance in hell we will be competing for the lottery next year we all saw how hard It is to tank with our team. So why not try to make a move and get the player we WANT this year. I think garpax knows that and is waiting for the right player to be in range

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How would you rank the lottery-projected big men?

Excluding Ayton who seems to be the consensus top big man, how would you rank JJJ, Bagley, Bamba, and Carter, and why? I don’t know that I’ve seen any of them play enough to decide which one I like best.

A few other questions I have…

What vaulted JJJ so high up the draft board? I know he’s supposed to be elite defensively, but what puts him ahead of Bamba? How much does him being a bit younger than everyone else factor in?

I’ve seen people say that they wouldn’t want Bagley because he wouldn’t fit well with Markkanen, but why is that?

Personally I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from Bamba, but most mock drafts seem to have him as the last of the “elite” big men off the board. What is he lacking? His physical tools (other than the fact that he needs to get bigger) seem to be ahead of everyone else’s.

For as long as I can remember, it has seemingly been accepted that the top 6 in this draft is the “elite” talent. What is keeping Carter out of this group?

Lastly, I know this sub is really high on MPJ. Given the choice, which of these big men would you take before him, if any?

If you bother reading this, thanks. I know I probably could’ve researched all of this on my own, but I was hoping to hear what other Bulls fans think going into the draft.

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